Game Data not being Saved

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  • Hi

    If this is in the wrong subject I am sorry....but @ this moment I am just a bit P*** off .

    I was playing Scum with mates for about 7h when we came back online and login all the items ...gear was missing and it had not saved anything .

    I don't know if there is a problem in this area or it is a know problem.

    It is now starting to become a pain....and thinking of stopping running a rented server :rolleyes: any information on how to stop this would be nice. X(

    Ps ... sorry for the rant respect to all 8)

  • Hi NaughtyDog,

    Sound like your server may possibly be experiencing database corruption issues, based from what you have said.

    I would advise to re-install the server as this has been known to resolve the issue for other users in the past.

    Failing that, I would advise to raise a support ticket for this to be looked into (support link can be found in my signature below).



  • Hi crypt0

    Thanks for replying to my post....I have reinstalled the server and still getting the same problem.... am I right in saying if the server is reinstalled do the server back and data files get wiped as well ? If this is the case all backup and data files are still there .... I thought if it reinstalled it would be a fresh install.

    any info that can help.


    Closed the thread.