Files Being Corrupted After Latest Expansion Update

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  • So I've Been Having Trouble With My Server Having Its Files Corrupted After The Latest Expansion Update And I've Tried To Re-Setup My Server Multiple Times But The Files Are Still Getting Corrupted, Everything Is Fine Until I load The Trader And Banking Mod But I'd Really Like To Have Them On My Server.

    MOD Using : CF,COT,DAYZ-Expansion,Advanced Weapon Scopes,MVS,No Forced Weapon Raise, Easy Signs, Flip Transport, ZomBerry Admin Tools, Banking and Trader

    If Anyone Knows Why This Is Happening Please Help

    Thanks In Advance

  • Hey, to Use Expansions Mod correctly you have to install DayZ Expansion Licensed too.

    If you have done or already installed, try to load Expansions Mods at the begin of your Modline as Second CF as third COT...

    Can you define what kind of corruptiona it is ? There are deleted files or something edited wrong by you ?

    I hope it‘s a little helpful to you...


    Below you can add me on Discord or Steam if i can help you.

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  • So I Have Figured Out That My Server Just Wont Run Expansion I Can Run All Other Mods But Expansion Crashes My Server I've Even Looked At Some Tutorials On The Ol YouTubes And It Still Wont Work Guess I Just Wont Be Able To Run It Which Kinda Sucks;(