Forced to make new Character after transferring back to Rag and logging out.

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  • So multiple players have had this issue on my cluster. Our home map is Rag and we had Extinction clustered and we would come back to rag and log out when we log back in we are forced to make a new character and our old characters are laying in the bed where we left them. This has happened multiple times now, I recently switched the Ext server to Ab and it still happens. I submitted a ticket and I was told it is a WC problem not a Nitrado and the only thing that "they heard" could prevent these issues was to start with a fresh wipe. Has anyone else encountered this and what worked for you?

  • I ran a clustered server last year for 6-8 months and had zero issue with the same setup as Rag as home server and a second one that Rotates from Ext to Ab every few months. I dont think i started this Rag with a wiped server cuz we had a few tames in ob still which was weird so im wondering if thats what the issue is.