Can i save backupfiles from my game?

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  • Hi, i want to change my game server from [Avorion] (as i got now) to [Dont Starve] i wounder if its possible to save my server-files from [Avorion] so i later can restore it if i desides to change back to [Avorion]

    Dont answer with just a "Yes" explain also please :)

    Thanks allot :):)

  • You should have a FTP access on your Control penal, use FileZilla or other FTP Client to connect to your Server (IP,Port,Hostname,password is required). If you are finish this navigate to the ”root“ directory it‘s the first folder so that you can’t navigate backward again.

    Just make a copy of the whole folder and save it to your Local Storage name it with Gamename and date to know what it is in future 🙂

    I hope you get it and it would be helpful for you 👍🏼


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