create 1 man coding/test servers

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  • I have been looking through the forums and haven't seen anything like this, I might just be blind. I want to start a cluster on ark, but know this involves a lot of coding to set up a server. I am not the best at coding and will need some time to get everything set up. I dont want to use a week or two that I am paying for as set up time.

    I suggest adding a 1 man cheaper option to test out your coding before purchasing a full server.

    It could literally be a 1 person map, for 5 days, for 2.00$. If somebody kept this up all month, Nitrado would make 12 dollars a month on that one man server, compared to the 13.99 10 man server. For having only one slot, I think this would be a good business opportunity as well.

  • This would really help me as I baught a server and the coder that was supposed to do the coding is busy with irl and will take me a but to figure it out but again if you got a pc you can do coding still I'm pretty sure on single player

  • More than likely the reason for no slots less than 10 is the costs. If you figure out operational, hardware, software, licensing, labor having a single port server is just not feasible.

    For testing SP is the best way to go. And once you have SP going good, you could get a 3 day server to test like a stage 2.

  • I am going to close this thread since it is in the 'suggestion' forum.

    As for the ini comments by the creator, you do not need ANY coding to put up a server and crossark. All of that is done by the WebUI.

    Only need to add coding if you want to custom things other than whats already provided in the WebUI. Also server ini code generators exist. Several posts provide this.

    As for doing coding, I do not provide that. Too many tools already exist. I am happy to provide direction for folks where to look or how to use the Nitrado WebUI. However others in the Community Forum of other gamer/admins may help.


    Closed the thread.