Loot Wipe?

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  • So I've had my server(PS4) and have been playing on it with my friends one thing I've noticed is places we have been as of the past week never respawn new loot, and also the crap loot no one grabs stays there and never despawns. I've tried lowering lifetimes so that the crap loot would despawn creating room for more loot spawns but this still hasn't changed. It's been this way for a week so a question I had is, Is there any kind of loot wipe? A wipe that would remove all floor loot but still leave player data, structures and vehicles including crafted crates? If so how is this done? Also I have the server set to auto restart twice a day.

  • By default loot will respawn every 30 days. You can change it to lower in the server settings if you want to. Containers with loot in them already won't respawn. Only empty containers will respawn in that time frame. If you come across loot that you don't want I would suggest throwing the loot out on the ground and letting it respawn.