Adding Mods to my Nitrado Server for my Dayz game

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  • Hello..I have recently purchased a Nitrado server because I thought it would be easier than doing it myself.Running it on a PC and have made it for Livonia content. I am completely computer ignorant and cannot figure out how to add CF,COT and Trader mods to my server. Watching youtube videos is not working for me. I think it is just beyond my capacity. Can anyone somehow help me figure out a way to get these mods on my server without me pulling all of my slightly gray hair out. PLEASE PLEASE and ty for reading! ;)||

  • First things first, so for an easier start try to add CF and another Admin Tool (ZomBerry) to learn and understand the basics.

    Then you can switch from ZomBerry to COT later.

    Second step will be to add trader mod, the installation is very similar to ZomBerry.

    So here is a link to my nearly waterproof tutorial of ZomBerry Admin Tools installation.

    Keep in mind that the key to open the admin tool has changed from Z to O (Omega), unfortunately I can’t edit my tutorial.

    [Tutorial english version] Installation of ZomBerry Admin Tools for DayZ PC version

  • Thank you so much...You are amazing. Even my slow little brain could understand every bit of that .I have one question though...when in game and I press the O it says something about the server and then the admin name not being listed..I got my steam ID number and removed the original and pasted mine where it was...I am wondering if I need to make it visible on the steam app whenever through the interface I needing to do something to my Nitrado server settings for admin priviliges? Do you have any clue what I mean? LOL

  • If the tool tells you there is no admin you made a mistake somewhere.

    Check if the ZomBerry folder is placed correctly in the servers folder Config. (folder names are case-sensitive).
    Check if there is only your SteamID64 inside the file admins.cfg in the first line.

    You don’t have to do anything in Steam account.

    at very last you can grant limited access to your server files to another Nitrado member, who is allowed to edit files of the server but has NO access to your Nitrado account.

    If you don’t get your problem fixed I could check your files and tell you where you possibly made a mistake.…3/?highlight=guest+access