Installing Fabric on a Nitrado Server

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  • Hey there!
    I was wondering if there is somehow a possibility to install Fabric on a server? And if yes, how :D
    I am not very saavy with servers like that so a detailied-ish guide would be very appreciated <3

  • I wrote a supportticket some time ago regarding this, the answers:


    As my topic says here: Add Fabric to Minecraft Would it be possible for you guys, to add Fabric to Minecraft?

    They replied:


    Hello, Thank you for your support request. Unfortunately we cannot add FabricMC as an extra option due to low demand. But you have the possibility to install the pack on your own server. Install a Forge Vanilla Server and exchange the two Server Jar files with the Fabric Jar files. Take care to set the names the same.

    My reply:


    I tried your suggestion a few times, but the server doesn't seem to like it, can't get it to work, it just stalls.

    Their last reply:


    Hello, Sadly, if the mod isn't working then it is either installed wrong or will not run with your level of upgrade. Try following this guide, it may be more helpful: [1] If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    I then gave up, normally I'm quite savy at this, but had no luck.

  • And to add to this, the Fabric guys are must faster at updating than Forge, and the support for Fabric Mods is very good, on par with Forge imho, so I don't see why Fabric wont be added to the Modded server list.

  • I also got it running and it is actually way easier than I originally thought:

    You need to download fabric from (that is the direct download page) and select "server" at the top left, right next to "client", select the Minecraft- and fabric version (for the fabric version, the the most recent one is recommended) of your choice and download location on your device and press "install".

    After downloading the "fabric-server-launch.jar" file, a new window will pop-up and unless you already have the "server.jar" in the exact same download-location, it will ask you to download it. Confirm this by clicking on "Download server jar" and after it's downloaded, press "done".

    Now, go to your Server Webinterface and stop the server.

    Scroll down until you see "Change game" at the bottom left.

    Search for "Minecraft (Modpack)" and click on "Install".

    Now go to your file browser, for example FileZilla, open the "minecraftotherpacks" folder and copy the fabric files into it (only the "fabric-server-launch.jar" and "server.jar" file and not the file you downloaded on

    Delete the "minecraft_server 1.16.5.jar" and "minecraft_server.jar" files and rename the "fabric-server-launch.jar" to "minecraft_server.jar" and that's it.

    I would, just to be safe, when starting the server for the first time, do it without any mods.

    I hope that this it not too long xD

    When updating a FabricMC server (Forge Vanilla with custom minecraft version) you will have to manually change the java version from v8 to v16. THis is due to a change in the 1.17 version of Minecraft. When changing the version in the General settings tab in the webinterface (and save the changes of course) the forcejava8 file in the minecraftotherpacks folder doesn't get deleted. I consider this as beeing a bug. Just wanted to point that out.


    Closed the thread.