HELP- Clustered Ark Server Not Showing in Queue Or Obelisk After Genesis /Scorched Earth update

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  • Hello, I need help!

    I recall downloading the update for ark a few weeks ago. The only thing it updated was Genesis and Scorched Earth. ( i found that odd, usually it makes me update all the maps..)

    When trying to login to The Island Map in my cluster on Sept.20th . It wouldn't show on my list. Only the scorched earth map showed up. when i loaded the SE Map. It made me create a new character. In game I searched the Obelisk list to transfer to the Island in my cluster. However it wasn't listed there either. It's be a week now and still nothing. Details of server below:

    (Server is titled Explorer Cove Cluster - The Island PvP) (sorting through unofficial PC sessions, all maps, all modes)
    10 slots- 21 days remaining on time. Clustered to my Scorched Earth map.

    Server shows as started, running fine with zero errors, yet cannot be found.

    Server / Game re installations have both been done.

    Expert settings are enabled, Cross Ark Active with other server Explorer Cove Cluster - Scorched Earth PvP

    On the far left side of the server web interface it shows :

    Ark: Survival Evolved (Xbox One)

    Followed by USER ID, and server IP.

    However, unlike when I started the server for the first time, it no longer displays the map as "The Island" even though the map has not been changed by me and reads in settings that The Island is still selected.

    No errors or necessary optimizations were detected in server check.

    I've check cross ark to make sure both maps were linked.

    Restarted server multiple times.

    Refreshed in game Queue and Obelisk Queue multiple times.

    restored Map Back up for both servers.

    After that I search for the map in the ark game one last time, only scorched earth shows up, yet they are clustered together. Also i tried searching for the map in the obelisk again and noting shows there either.

    My character was tied to the island map. and now i can retrieve it. I can only play scorched earth because the island cant be found.

    Server time status is still active. I have 21 days left on it. if i can't play it. i wont renew the server again.

    Please Advise!!;(:!::!:

  • Hello,

    It appears you have done everything a Mod were suggest.

    Please include your information and submit a ticket to Nitrado Support to further investigate.

    We have no access to your account or server.

    Link: Support |

    Thank you.