New server loot not generating for 4 days

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  • Just bought a server 4 days sago. Once i loot nothing respawns or anything i didnt pick up is still there. Have restarted hundreds off times. Reinstalled twice. I kill wolves the bodies dont despawn. Haveserver restarts set up frequently. Any help would be great.:/

  • SxTxAxRxRxY, bohemia changed the spawn system of the items, now the items remain for much longer until they disappear and reappear again, which ends up making it difficult to find these items easily. To be more specific, Bohemia divided the spawn time of the items in 2, a part of the items now takes 86400 seconds to disappear, and another part 172800, you can open types.xml to look for these values and go in the option to replace them all, for the value that you want, particularly, i did this, divided the items in 8400 seconds and another part 24400 seconds.