Access to arkps/ShooterGame/Saved/Logs/ShooterGame.log via the API

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  • Hi all

    I am trying to use the API to access the shootergame log. I have successfully used…eservers/file_server/list to give me a list of files which provides the restart log but this is not what I am after. I understand that certain areas are locked down on console (this is for PS4) and so RCON etc can't be used but the information I've read everywhere suggests the API can be used to access the file.

    Any thoughts on what I need to put to call shootergame.log rather than /games/ni*******_1/ftproot/restart.log?

  • Code
    1. curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer <token>' '*******_1%2Fnoftp%2Farkxb%2FShooterGame%2FSaved%2FLogs%2FShooterGame.log'

    I used the above command to get mine but you may have to change the arkxb out for arkps4 or arkps not sure... That only gave me a link in a json blob that I could then use to download the file with any usual means of getting a text file from a server(i.e. curl, wget, python, node, etc.) There may be a better(or more official) way but I know this worked for me. If you're after the Last log don't forget that's ShooterGame_Last.log