Server stuck on restarting

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  • My server is stuck restarting since yesterday. I was able to play normally all these days untill today when it just wont restart.

    Ive erased all the mods but it's still not working, what can I do?

    Edit: It seems like some mods were the source of the problem. But what could have done it? The mods that Ive had installed were working just fine untill today.

  • I am having the same issue. My friends and I were playing on our Ark server just fine but suddenly when I got to restart the server everything just crashed and burned from there. I've spent yesterday and today trying to troubleshoot but nothing is working. I got rid of one problematic mod, but even after getting rid of it? No luck.

  • Look at your log file. Do you have a crashstack error?

    If so, it is possible that the problem mod caused a corrupted file. The only way to resolve that is server restore of a backup prior to that.

    But only do that if you feel comfortable in doing so. Make a backup of your entire ARK folder using FTP prior.

    You may want to contact Nitrado Support and see what they suggest.

  • I was having trouble as well, so I shut down the game using the in game console and now I can't get it back up. I'll submit a ticket with Nitrado but be warned if you do this, it makes things worse :).

  • Update to my situation: I used the online chat support and they moved me to a new server. I did have a rollback to the last valid save (about 20 hours ago or so for me) but it did fix it.


    Closed the thread.