I need help with FTP.

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  • I've done all but one step of installing mods onto my server, and that is getting the mod files onto my server. I can get the .mod file in no sweat, but the folder that contains all the mod files excluding the .mod file can never be located in the FTP menu that Nitrado provides. Does anyone know how to do this, or am I going to have to go through the dozens of files individually?

  • Hi, am not sure if my answer is correct or simply basic, when I installed mods as I was told to do from Nitrado support, was get the MOD ID number and under the atlas configuration of the main server I put the mod ID after switching off the server, save it, then restart the server, when next time you launch the game it will download all the needed files, just make sure you subscribed to all the mods, I made the mistake that I added the MOD ID but forgot to subscribe.

    I don't know and am not sure I answered your question. If not, hopefully someone can provide a more appropriate answer.