Hostsystem not ready or offline on a daily basis

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  • I keep getting "Hostsystem not ready or offline" every day for a few hours where i cant login to the web interface to restart or even start the server.. My server is low populated as it is so its not really cool this happens every day more frequently lately..

    Havent done anything to the server that should affect the hostsystem, its really unlucky when you stop the server for a restart and suddenly you get the message, i already know its going to be offline for a few hours, again.. Im hoping for free servertime until they give me a stable server at least..
    I sent ticket to support, "problem seems to have been solved" they said, then boom right after they close it shuts down again..

    This is starting to become a joke, obviously i am demanding my credit back for every day this happens, as i refuse to pay for a service i cannot access 24/7, which is what we are paying for.. Im a disgruntled customer, i know bohemia has a broken engine but come on nitrado, at least have your servers in order, you are destroying our communities, making players leave our servers..