Disappearing Mods

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  • Hi,

    I have a 4x4 server running ATLAS, added some mods primarily the following : Better RP Storage, Lanterns & Torches Galore, Death Recovery Mod For Rekker (v1.11.2A), Snapping Shipyards, Custom Item Stacks and Market NPCs. I followed the steps by subscribing to all on steam, switched ATLAS server off, added the Mod ID in the Nitrado interface and saved them, restarted the server the first 4 worked fine the last two did not even show anywhere. Subsequently, I updated my server maps by adding the needed islands and changed some specs, on two subsequent occasions of redoing the first steps, the mods continuously disappear after using them and logging off, upon re logging into the system I discover that the mods disappeared in the game when I check the Nitrado server the MOD IDs are no longer there. Moreover, while having some of these mods running the game was glitching badly when we were playing although it did not do that before. I removed the last two MODs and restarted the system again the remaining mods disappeared after usage and relogging at a different time.

    Anyone can help with this, thanks in advance for your cooperation and support.