Server won't start after update to 313.30

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  • Yesterday everything was fine. Today I can't start the server - it is stuck on the restarting step. The web UI after a while shows me "Force Start" and "Force Stop" buttons, and I can stop the server, but I can't get it to start. The UI is constantly showing me the text "The server will now restart..." - it has been going on for an hour now.

    No mods installed on the server.

    Looks like there was an update to version 313.30 earlier today. The last start attempt has been going on for 30 minutes now. No ShooterGame.log file was generated.

    2020-09-17 07:55:47 Server stop requested (Webinterface)

    2020-09-18 05:52:24 Server restart requested (Webinterface)

    Thu, 17 Sep 2020 22:52:27 -0700 Server restart requested (WINDOWS)

    2020-09-18 05:58:11 Server stop requested (Webinterface)

    2020-09-18 06:00:45 Server restart requested (Webinterface)

    2020-09-18 06:06:02 Server stop requested (Webinterface)

    2020-09-18 06:06:12 Server restart requested (Webinterface)

    2020-09-18 06:11:28 Server restart requested (Webinterface)

    2020-09-18 06:13:26 Server stop requested (Webinterface)

    2020-09-18 06:13:37 Server restart requested (Webinterface)

    2020-09-18 06:23:27 Server restart requested (Webinterface)

  • Looks like it can take 30-40 minutes for the server to start after a patch??!?!? There is no indication what was wrong, it just started on its own after a while. Was there a manual intervention by somebody from Nitrado?