New Server Issue

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  • I purchased 2 new servers to cluster with my original yesterday. One server is working perfectly. The other however, keeps cycling through shutdown & restarts on it's own. It also won't show up on server lists in game no matter what I search for. The server list won't update to show it's actual name. And I even tried seeing if it shows up as part of my cluster to transfer to in game but no luck. All of the settings between these 2 new servers are exactly the same, I've checked several times. So I know the problem isn't on my end. The crossark id is correct, the name of each server is different. I've tried all of the "simple changes" I've looked up. I filled out a ticket, was just wondering if anyone else knows an easy solution to this issue as I know it takes awhile for customer support. And it's extremely frustrating considering the other server is functioning perfectly. It's almost like the server got "stuck" while it was being generated? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • How would I do that? And would it charge me for the server again?

    To clarify I'm on ps4 and under my services-gameserver it's not even showing the correct server name there. And under players instead of 0/10 it just says - like the server doesn't even really exist?

    Sorry I'm just trying to get the issue solved before I get charged for a day or 2 of a server that I can't even access. I can get into the web interface, but that's it. Server doesn't show up anywhere in game at all.

  • (1) you dont get charged for a server not up. You can always discussed those details with Support. Only that can provide more info.

    To reinstall is done through the webUI. Sorry you are unable to get in. You will need to wait on Nitrado Support to respond to your ticket. Forum Moderators do not have access to customer servers or accounts. note on the weekend the Support crew is lighter so it may be delayed.

  • I know you don't technically get charged, but the run time is already active even though the server isn't is more what I meant, so technically I'm due to lose at least a day shortly.

    And thank you, I kind of assumed it would be rough getting through this weekend. That's why I was checking here to see if it was a common issue or anything. I apologize if I came off as snarky. Just frustrated because the other one went off without a hitch. I'll probably stick to just adding 1 new server at a time from now on so this issue doesn't happen again.

  • Okay, now starting to get a bit frustrated. Lost 2 days worth of runtime on a server I can't even access and the only response I get is, "we're aware of the issue & have no estimated time frame for when it'll be fixed." Oh cool? So you could just not fix it for 30 days, continue not giving customers information, and just rip them off since you don't offer any refunds. If I didn't have other people relying on this server I would have already taken my business elsewhere, because this customer service is a bit of a joke. It's a pretty simple fix. Cancel the damn thing, credit my account the money, and I'll just get another one. But no. Nitrado would rather piss around and rip people off. Ridiculous.

  • Sorry that you are upset. I can understand where you are frustrated. They will pick up your ticket when they can. As mentioned before it is the weekend, and a holiday: expect delays. When they pick up your ticket you can discuss with them what you need or want to do. Posting in the forums of your anger really does not solve anything. Just be patient. Nothing we can do for you in the forums as Moderators. Sorry.