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  • hello, I have been playing ark for over 5 years and I just now decided to play on my own server. I CAN find my server on the XBOX but, I CANNOT find it on the PC through the XOBX companion or hitting [play] through the Microsoft store. I own the game on both Microsoft and Steam. I understand I need to filter through PC sessions. It IS password protected and I hit the box for cross play but I cant find it though my PC. :(

    EDIT: found the issue maybe. the box was unchecked after taking a 100th look. maybe that was it. :P

  • I figured it out. It was the check box for cross play. I have been having "operator errors" with the options reverting and such. being a technician myself and trusting my work, I over looked it after the last "revert" of options. thank you for your speedy support! ill check the [resolved] box after this comment. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: