Issue with Previous coder trolling the server

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  • I had a guy doing my coding he went rouge shut everything down I had to rebuild my server from scratch. I have changed my Nitrado login Password added a google Authentication. I have changed my Server Admin Password, at least 3 times. I've had Nitrado kick everyone off the webui before we changed the passwords. I have Enabled admin logging so if someone uses an admin command I would at least be able to track down the player who was doing it. However currently any time he comes on my server (with multiple different accounts) his character is fully leveled he has creative mode. Pretty sure he's spawned in dinos as well. And none of it shows in the Nitrado Log. My assumption was maybe somehow he has access via Rcon, but changing my password should fix that correct? It's unfortunate because we are at our wits end with this guy trolling our server and we are going to have to shut it down if it continues. I can attach my ini files if anyone wants to look at them to see if I'm missing something but I can't even set Rconenabled=false it will auto change back to true PLEASE HELP!