The server dont recognise types.xml edited v1.09

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  • Hi, recently restored the files from v.1.08 to 1.09 but when I edited the types file with notepad++ , or DayZ server customizer when moment to upload it to the server (turned off and later reset to charge it) in game doesnt get the changes, for example, if I eliminate the running shoes putting them in "nom" and "min" in 0 they continue in game, so, my backup type file works perfectly at v 1.08, but now dont get recognised by the server at v 1.09. I finally charge all originals files again, and edit the types from zero but the problem continues.

    I dont remember which step I forgot here, maybe I need to edit another value that I missing, I dont know if life time, reestock, quantmin and quantmax need to stay en 0, or the file cfgspawnabletypes.xml need to be modificated too...