Lost 2 days of backup saves after support restarted server

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  • my server kept restarting for some odd reason, so i called support to help fix it, in which it seemed to fix almost instantly until me and other players loaded in to find that the game save was from a few days back and when i got to restore a back up there are none from 9-10 september, now they all quit the server due to the fact that i cant do anything to get the backups back or atleast dont know how to... any of you have any suggestions to restore backups that arent showing up when we forsure played

  • When the server is restored, 1 backup at a time in reverse order is attempted. More than likely you had a corrupted gamesave. So the file that is working now more than likely was the good one.

    No other backups are available if you do not see them in your webUI.

    If you wish to continue the conversation, please go back to Support. Mods are not able to assist you here.

  • yeah unfortunately all the progress is gone, the only thing we did and i guess i would warn other people to avoid we changed the stack size from 1 to 3 and lost 2 days of backup saves, well it was fun while it lasted, its also unfortunate that all my players have decided to quit, thank you for the guidance, have a wonderful day