server crashing on xbox warning kicked from server

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  • edited my serve a few weeks ago with spawns and loot increase but get to about and hour into the game got good loot it just dies= carnt opens doors zombies are paralyzed but randomly my health drops like the zombies are moving but i carnt see

    leave and join back it times out if i restart the server i can join and play for a limited amount of time befor it just stops again

    my server timed restarts a every 5 hours as i can only have 5 restarts

    so i did full wipe several times now to default and default xml even playing in vanilla the game crashes and carnt do nothing

    is it me doing something wrong?

    or is it the server?

    are there better servers out there for console is the server ment to be running full throttle all the time RAM running 4,600+ CPU is always in the 90s