Server in a Constant Installing State for almost 24 hours

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  • So I've rented multiple servers through nitrado in the past and normally have no issues whatsoever with them. I rented a server yesterday evening and it has been Installing for almost a full 24 hours when it normally only takes 5-10 minutes. I've filled out a ticket with no response at all and am constantly checking the nitrado status Twitter with no mention of the problem with so many server owners having issues. With it being installing there's no way to try to work around it as I can not use the web interface

  • Please contact Nitrado Support to further investigate by submitting a ticket. Tickets are worked in the order in which they are received.

    Mods have no access to servers or accounts. This is a Community Support Forum for gamers and admins to suggest, help or interact with each other.

    Link: Support |

    Thank you.