is Ark:survival evolved Cross play

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  • In case the title doesn't make enough sense. let me clarify.

    Can I rent an Xbox server for the game "Ark Survival Evolved" via the Nitrado app. ( Microsoft store ).... And then Download game from Microsoft for the PC users who want to play with their friends that only have console version of the game ( so Cross Play ) ?

    I hope this makes sense. I don't see why I couldn't but i'm also just not sure and don't want to rent a server if this is not possible.

    I did see where I could cross play on the Xbox's dedicated servers as long as I downloaded game through Microsoft and NOT Steam.

    Thanks in advance for help on this issue


    Changed the title of the thread from “is Ark:survival evolved Cross play allowed through Nitrado on XBOX server with PC enabled game through Microsoft?” to “is Ark:survival evolved Cross play”.
  • The Windows 10 PC version of the game comes free with the Xbox version and visa versa, both being owned by Microsoft.

    The steam version of the game DOES NOT crossplay with either the windows 10 PC version or Xbox.

    To enable your server to play on xbox and windows 10 PC, you simply enable crossplay on a Nitrado unofficial PC server.