how to rollback minecraft server from those autosaves thats are done every 15 min?

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  • Hello.
    im trying to figure out how to rollback my world. i found 3 different places with saves like




    but none of those is that 15 min auto save. and i cant find option to rollback.

    With save files i should choose to do short rollback? and how? anyone can help please?

    i have minecraft java edition with eternal modpack.

  • Hey,
    these are not backups, but every 15 minutes only the status from RAM is saved to the hard disk. These points cannot be restored explicitly.

    For a backup there is the backup function in the web interface under "Tools -> Restore backup".

    The backups you have in the pictures are from the World Manager. This was changed. If you want to restore them, download them, unzip them and upload them via FTP to your server.