Available Dayz slots/players for Xbox

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  • Why is there no option for Xbox users to choose less slots/players like there is for the PS4/PC?

    For PS4 and PC one can choose 4 slots 30 dayz for $5.20 usd bot this option is not available for Xbox through the Xbox app.

    On the Xbox app, only the lowest is 10 slots with 30 days to select.

    I've also noticed that even the server ram upgrade option is missing from the Xbox app.

    Are there restrictions with the Xbox game servers or something?

    Also, why can't one buy a service through their PCs for their Xbox?

    The Xbox app is very limited and i usually have to configure my server through the PC so i don't understand why not just add Xbox services through the Nitrado website.

  • Hello

    to change the slot amount you have to go onto the Nitrado app on your xbox one or windows 10 pc. Make sure the server is stopped once the server has stopped fully you see a little arrow icon this is how upgrade or downgrade the server slot amount .

    When it comes to ram xbox servers will allocate ram as needed. You only need to choose ram amount for Farm sim and Minecraft servers.

    The reason you cannot buy xbox servers through the Nitrado website is because the xbox server goes through Microsoft