Xbox/PC Server in constant loop due to atlasxbmain?

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  • Hello. I have had a few servers for about 15 days now and I have not been able to get them to show up but I have not had a chance to investigate the issue until yesterday. It would seem that the server itself is in some sort of restart loop where the log states that the server has restarted itself 10 times in a row. I have scoured forums and found nothing that was helpful in any other posts stating the same issue. I have included an image of the error message, as a side note this is the same sequence that has happened every time I have tried to start it. I have restarted the server several times and reinstalled the server multiple time, I have even looked but found no noticeable issues with the atlasxbmain file.

  • it's my main server but I do not have the others linked at the moment. I have the config I made in ServerGridEditor set to one grid. When I did have all the grids up and connected the same issue was happening so this was my attempt to try and single each server for troubleshooting and one at a time. Do I need to have them connected even though my server config is set to only have the main/home server?