Question regarding changing Ark Maps

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  • Im playing right now on the island, is the first time we rent a server so we are pretty new at this, wanted to ask if i change map to scorched earth do i lose everything on the island or is it saved.


  • I am pretty sure that if you change the map on console version, you'll lose everything. But if on PC you can access your data files and copy them to your hard drive in case you ever want to go back to the previous map.

    However, please wait until some more knowledgeable than me on this subject comments. I'd hate for you to lose everything due to me giving a wrong answer.


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  • Since this is a post in the PC category, I can respond.

    Technically you can change maps and the "MAP SAVEFILE" will remain. However what happens when you do this, is the profile and tribe files for all intense purposes becomes merged. So one day if you have a corrupted file and need to start over it would be for all maps. What I do when changing maps is use FTP, get a backup of the entire ark folder to your pc.

    Then I do a reinstall that way it wipes everything (or you can delete the correct files manually), select the map you want and start over.

    Saving them to PC is best.

    As for consoles, other posts already exist explaining what happens to the files. Consoles do not have FTP access to download the files. Sorry.

  • Thank you for this answer. Just to be clear: when I do this, what is saved? Dinos and buildings?
    What about items my characters are carrying?

    edit: also, say I swap to a new map. I can't bring anything with me, right? It's literally just starting completely fresh?

    double edit: i have the windows 10 version, not the steam version-- does that mean i can't access my files via FTP?