Files not saving on reset

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  • I’m new to editing these xml files. I opened a server for me and some friends and increased loot drops to get a bit of a head start. I’m now trying to bring everything back to normal and it won’t work. I’ve created backups of all my files prior to changing anything and the saved files I have on now WILL NOT WORK. I’m frustrated and disappointed especially because nitrado is not responding to my tickets I filed with them and I can’t even get out on a wait list to talk on the phone with support. I really just need some help to fix this please

  • Hello

    I'm sorry you're having issues. You can go into yiur settings and click the reset xml files to default. Save and restart the server. Be aware though. The weapons and everything you made changes to originally will need to go througu their lifetime cycle because they disappear. Making these changes is not an instant thing.

  • This doesn’t work though. I’m gonna end up canceling my server. It’s literally broken. I backed up all my xml files before editing them. Then I deleted the edited files. I’ve waited since Thursday when I made this post and nothing has changed. I then tried resetting xml files to default and it won’t work. I’m incredibly irritated. I’ve waited anywhere from 5 minutes -30 minutes to reset the server after making these changes and nothing is working