Accessing Minecraft web interface map?

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  • Hello,

    I'm trying to access a feature that made me use Nitrado in the first place and that is,
    The map feature on a vanilla Minecraft server, I however cannot find a way to get into this.

    I managed to find a way to render the map on the automated tasks list
    "game_server_render_overviewmap" i have set this up and let it run a few times but however i cannot find the way to view the said map,

    Can anyone assist:?:

  • Hello,

    Sorry that you feel that way. Support does have alternative ways to contact them as per the Support contact page.

    This is a Community Support Forum. It is a forums for gamers and admins to collaborate, exchange ideas, suggestions, gameplay.

    Moderators have no access to Accounts or Servers. Creating a ticket was the right path. This does appear more less a suggestion and not a 'break'.

    Please verify if your ticket is still open.

    Thank you