ark survival evolved ps4 all dinos on ragnarok

  • How do I get Abberation and extinction dinos on ragnarok, I am a PS4 user and was wondering if this was even possible.


    Yes its possible to do this. Please take a look through some of the recent threads on the forums. There are a whole bunch about adding dinos to different maps. Also give a quick search on Google for adding aberration dinos to ragnarok, adding extinction dinos to ragnarok you will find many posts about it. Take the time to learn the code and how do it yourself. It will help you understand how the code works.

    There are some pretty amazing stuff you can do to manipulate how the servers runs and works on console.

    The code itself would go under engine setting at the very bottom where it says custom game ini settings for (regular mode) or the ini file for (expert mode)

  • Here are two types of spawn codes for you. But this is all ima post. The rest can be a learning curb for you.

    The 1st code is multiple dinos that spawn in one area.

    The 2nd is a single dino in one area.

    You cant use the same map area independently for multiple dinos, if you want more than one dino to spawn in an area, you must link them all in one code.

    Hope this helps you. You can find the dino id and map id on the Ark wiki, though I am finding out since structures plus has changed some engram ids,

    If you or anyone who reads this can help me remove large stone walls, stone rail, and stone stairs. I would repay you with more code.

    I also have Extinction dino codes for rag. An MMO type level system hand typed (no programs) that reaches level 500+ with bosses. You level fast to 100 for all the engrams in CORE as well as Extinction and Abberation engrams.

    I really want stone walls off my map though. Stone causes more lag than people realize and removing it helps the stability of maps.

    Check out my world by searching PvP, PC player dedicated servers, named ARK WORLD USA I and II. (those are capital i's btw)

    Best source to learn about Nitrado server use and codes is J Carter on you tube.

    Best spawn codes are By Stoner Lonely guy or something like that.