crystal isles map wont load on server

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  • So go home from holiday , get a new server setup for crystal isles , coding done , went to load into xbox to find my server , couldn't fine it

    changed to all maps , and my server is on but is showing up and loading "the Island" map , so i shut down the server , change the map from crystal island to the island and saved , then changed it back to crystal isles , saved an started my server again , still only showing and loading up as "the Island"

    so i try to reinstall the server , wipe everything and start again , tried to leave it un modded just load a default crystal isles map , check on my xbox , still showing up and loading as the island

    anyone got any help with this here ?

  • I am currently having this exact same issue, even bought a secondary server to test make sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong but still the same issue with it only showing island..

    when I change the map to any other map it shows up and works fine just doesn’t like crystal isles!

  • Hi, try writing a support ticket, I am having the same problem they are going to try moving my server to another machine in the same location.

  • so I've had a reply , few other made need to make a support ticket

    1. Hello,
    2. Thanks Colin, it helps a lot. I've done a backend change to your server.
    3. Please try again in around 5-10 minutes to change to the map and start the
    4. server, it should now load Crystal Isles as normal. Please confirm?

    i can say after support has done these "backend" changes , i can confirm my server now loads crystal isles

  • I've been having the same issue on ps4. I was able to change it to Ragnarok but Crystal Isles just showed up as The Island. After speaking to support on live chat she moved my server onto another machine and now Crystal Isles is in the list and working. She said it would take around 45 minutes but it was sorted in about 20 minutes. :)