Dino Spawning Issues/Bug C.I. PS4?

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  • Howdy, y'all!

    I'm having a bit of an issue here and no, I've already tried searching for other related threads and couldn't find one so this is not a duplicate thread and the wiki is not useful in solving this problem. I'm thinking it may be an issue with the C.I. update and/or map. Certain cheats like cheat giveexptotarget <amount> 0 1 don't work, nor does cheat addexperience <amount> 0 1.

    Furthermore, with totally default settings, C.I. map dino diversity is not nearly what it's supposed to be according to the wiki spawn map. That's using vanilla settings. I've only seen raptors, parasaurs, paracers, brontos, sarcos, wolves, seekers, ankys, argents, mammoths, rhinos, yutys, stegos, and wyverns. I haven't seen anything else on the entire map. No megalodons either!

    Along with that, I've also been trying to replace ALL normal dinos with their twin aberrant variant using this code:

    The code works on ALL other maps so it is not an issue with the code. I am also able to get basils, giant turtles, velonosaurs, crabs, gasbags, featherlights, bulbdogs, glowtails, and shinehorns to spawn by adding spawn entries. I CANNOT seem to get rock drakes, owls, managarmrs, magmasaurs, phoenix, deathworms, but their code, again, works on ALL other maps. Anyone else having these issues? Anyone else figured a way around these issues? Maybe you haven't had them?