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  • Howdy from a noob server admin! :saint:

    Found my server wiped today, after the update. I know I can restore a back up. However, I have a few questions...

    1. Is restoring a back up my only solution or would restarting a few times work (I only ask because I saw in a different thread that it worked for one person, even tough they ran into other issues soon after)
    2. If I restore a back up... what happens with the update? Does it have to be reinstalled or it is now 'already there'?
    3. I play via PC/Windows and my family joins via Xbox. So, which back up should I use map, server, database, or a combo?
    4. Most importantly: What is the best way to avoid this in the future?
    5. And.... If the only safety net is a manual back up prior to updates, how can I know when the update is coming? (I would want to do my back up at the last possible moment! Because a backup going back even one day can result in hours of lost work it would be nice to narrow it down to as few hours).

    Thanks in advance:!:<3

  • Hello,

    All notes of an update for ARK is available at the ARK Wiki and/or Survive the Ark.

    Sadly as many of us ARK fans for years know that sometimes an update wipes out folks games. The only way to bring it back is rolling it back to the last save prior to the update.

    Some have been successful though using the latest. And that is the first one I would start with.

    You could also try a reboot. Sometimes that works for folks. But most of the time its a backup recovery. And as you know all progress is lost from the date of the recovery file until now. Consoles have no other way to make it a more current back. You would need FTP access and XBox servers do not have this capability.

    When you restore a backup (NOT a reinstall) dont worry about the game update. That is already there.

    As for the future for consoles, not really ways to help minimize this. You cold do a saveworld. But ultimately the filesave in the recovery backups is the only thing available to you.

    I have played ARK for years and I cant even begin with a number count of wipes from an update. Personally being I play PC server only, I have FTP access so I can always get a backup. I do them often.

  • Doagen,

    Just want to clarify; If I am hosting a Xbox server from my Win10 PC, I cannot do the FTP back up? It is the SERVER that is not setup for FTP access and, basically I am just accessing that xbox server from my PC, just like my Xbox counterparts?