Server Rebooted - Doesn't show in Server List anymore

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  • Last night around 00:20 - 00:30 EST, my game server gave everyone a restart warning with an admin requesting a restart. It is showing up, but we can't see it in the "Unofficial PC Sessions" list anymore.. we only see about 10 servers in the list now, so I expect that others have had the same issue.

    It says that the server was updated last night at about the same time that we saw the reboot, so I have two questions.. why would the server reboot without an admin rebooting, and if it was to update the server why wouldn't an admin be notified first. Also my server is still not accessible. It shows up in the Web Interface, but is not listed in the Sessions List

  • I'm getting something similar within my PS4 server although the difference is Joining Failed Unknown Error. It's frustrating to say the least that nobody can get into the server cluster I'm renting.

  • I do know that Nitrado automatically updates and saves the Database, the main one, once a day around midnight EST in the US. It usually gives like 60 seconds but with Crystal Isles showing up the 25th for console it may have been their update for the map. I'm not Nitrado but I am a programmer and it can be very frustrating for them to update the servers or save the databases before an update happens so that we can have the map. They are growing faster and faster just wait till RUST comes out Dec 31st of this year...they will be swamped. Still can't get into my servers so we will see if I can even stay with Nitrado...

  • Having the same exact problem. Me and my buds were taming and all the sudden the server said it was going to update. I looked at the time and it was 11:30 pm and my server log shows that is when the update happened. It gave us 30 seconds to prepare and then it shut down and hasn't been on the unofficial filter list since then. I wasn't warned in advance or anything. I'm waiting on hold now to talk to a support member.

  • Sorry that you are having issues.

    You may also create a ticket with Nitrado Support to further investigate.

    Link: Support |

    This is a Community Support Forum for gamers/admins to share, and help each other out.

    Moderators have no access to server or accounts.

    Thank you.

  • The recommendation if you are having issues is trying to do a recovery backup (NOT a reinstall) from the latest filesave you may have. Otherwise please be patient and wait for Support to respond to your ticket. Thank you.

  • I think I found the Backup that was done right before the servers were Updated..

    Just in case anyone was wondering.. it appears the servers were taking down and updated ahead of the Client side updating being pushed out and that is why I couldn't see my server. Once I got the Client Update from XBoX, and resolve the issue with it not updating correctly.. I was able to see the server in the list.

    The Server had rolled back a few days, but I was able to restore the update taken just before the server was updated and it appears that things are back to normal now.

    Thank you all of comments. Hope your servers come back soon as well.