In-game assest loading/unloading issue.

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  • Hi! I recently have been trying to make the switch from Xbox One to PC and so far it has been hard fought. I have been running into an issue that I can't seem to figure out. When I first load into my server everything around me loads just fine. All of the trees, rocks, ground clutter and terrain assets. When I fly far away from the area I spawned in all of those same trees, rocks and ect. all stay loaded in and things that should have loaded in do not. I have normally 20-25 ping to the server and I have even tamed creatures when in that unloaded state. I have tried to set everything to the lowest and turn off everything that makes the graphic better and I have even turned everything up to the max and no difference. I am at a loss as what could be the problem to the point I have even reinstalled the game. Which didn't help at all. Here is a picture with my render distance and my world tile buffering set to low.

  • Looks Like a render issue, i had this issue for little bit until i dropped a couple of the Specs ingame from epic to high.. i sometimes see the same thing now when i load into a new cave, relogging usually forces a render and fixes it for future renders. you might need to upgrade your graphics card or install a SSD into your PC (not a standard HDD)