Floatsam crate override

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  • Anyway to add my own floatsam crate override with nitrado or map editor? Only info i can find is to add it to game ini.

    Also would be nice to have expert mode already. Any idea when/if this is coming?

  • Hey Blowbie,

    If you're still needing assistance with the floatsam settings I can help!

    While I wish we had access to the ini files as well, there are a few things that we do have access to and the floatsam loot quality is one of those things.

    You can edit the floatsam quality on all three methods of control: Nitrado, .json, and ServerGridEditor.

    Through your Nitrado dashboard, click on the "General Settings" section of your Main Xbox Server and scroll down to the bottom of the Gameplay section, just above Claims. There's a setting listed there labeled "Supply Crate Loot Quality Multiplier " - Adjusting this will scale all loot, floatsams shipwrecks etc.


    Through the .json file, you'll be looking for

    "oceanFloatsamCratesOverride": ""

    I believe, you'll have to alter this for each grid.


    Through the ServerGridEditor simply CTRL + LClick on the grid you want to edit and on the right hand side of the pop up dialogue box are open fields in which to input setting changes. Locate the field labeled "FloatsamOverrides" and enter your adjustments.


    As far as I know, you should be able to simply enter a numerical value in all three instances however with the ServerGridEditor field being as large as it is there may be the possibility of altering loot tables as well.

    Hope this helps!


    TriassicArc Gaming