SQL Connection C# Winforms

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  • Hello, I am new to developping and don't know much, but I wanna learn so I bought a cheap nitrado server to be able to train myself ^^ So I made a small Winforms application with some friends, and we want to be able to have our own accounts ( username+password, nothing too complicated ) , the issue is that I have no idea on how to connect my application to my sql server. I've tried this :

    1. SqlConnection myConnection = new SqlConnection ("user id=username;" +
    2. "password=password;server=serverurl;" +
    3. "Trusted_Connection=yes;" +
    4. "database=database; " +
    5. "connection timeout=30")

    But I can't find what I need to put for it to work so if someone could help a starter like me that would be really nice from you :)