Preventing Survivor/Dino/Things Upload & Download

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  • Hi

    I have noticed that there are two areas in the settings that have duplicated settings.

    In the general settings there are:

    Prevent Survivor-Download

    Prevent Item-Download

    Prevent Dino-Download

    Prevent Survivor-Upload

    In the Cross Ark settings are the following:

    Prevent Survivor-Download

    Prevent Item-Download

    Prevent Dino-Download

    Prevent Survivor-Upload

    Disable downloading player information

    Prevent Item-Upload

    Prevent Dino-Upload

    If I had those settings in General ticked, preventing the downloads/uploads, but did not have them ticked in CrossArk settings, would they clash or cancel each other out?

    I am assuming that if I want to allow uploads/downloads within my clusters, I would have to ensure none of the options are selected in either general or CrossArk. Is that right?

    Also, can somebody upload/download from outside my cluster? I want to stop people from being able to upload/download out of/into my cluster from outside the cluster.

    Thank you.


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  • Hello

    Yes they wouldn't work correctly if you had them only checked off in one section. You need to either check them all off in both sections or leave them unchecked in both sections.

    If your servers are clustered you can only transfer between the clusters

    If you have just one server and you leave them u checked which ill allow downloading and whatnot. Players will be able to download items they have spawned in their single player world and loaded into the obelisks.


    Closed the thread.