About Hiding Player ID

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  • Hi, Someone trying to cheat in my server , but they hide ID. Tribe name only an ( ) and i can't ban them without ID. Please help me to check these ingame ID or do something make them can't hide ID.

  • I think it simply means they have not created a tribe. I see this same thing in my logs when somebody who is not part of a tribe carries out some action.

    If they have a tame or a structure you can still find their tribe ID. Simply use the setcheatplayer true code in the admin box and you'll see lots of information pop up on your HUD. Look at the person's tame/structure and you'll see a "Team ID". That's their tribe ID whether they have a tribe or not. I don;t thin lei can ban using the team ID, but you can remove all their stuff and tames, and remove the player too.


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