Loot spawn frequency

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  • Hello.

    types.xml file allows to configure the amount of loot on the server. But how can I influence loot spawn rate? I wish loot would spawn more often than it does by default. Perhaps this is affected by the settings in the globals.xml file? Tell me please how the following settings work:

    <var name="LootProxyPlacement" type="0" value="1"/>

    <var name="RespawnAttempt" type="0" value="2"/>

    <var name="RespawnLimit" type="0" value="20"/>

    <var name="RespawnTypes" type="0" value="12"/>

    <var name="RestartSpawn" type="0" value="1"/>

    <var name="SpawnInitial" type="0" value="1200"/>

    or is there another way to tweak this?
    Thank you!

  • Types begin to spawn in when the number on the map reaches the "min" value of that type and will continue to spawn that type in until the "nominal" value is reached.
    Depending on the value of the "flags" attributes, it may or may not count items in tents and on players towards the nominal value.

    Example 1. If you have 100 as the "nominal", but left the "min" at 5, then only once 95 of the types are picked up by players will it then spawn 95 more.
    Example 2. If you have 100 as the "nominal", and 99 as the "min", as soon as a player picks one of those types up, another will spawn somewhere else.
    Example 3. If you have 100 as the "nominal", and 99 as the "min", and the "count_in_player" flag set to enabled (1), then if the total number of that type on all players is 100, then no items will spawn in.

    I'm not very active on these forums... at all, but there is a great community on discord here Discord

  • Thanks a lot for trying to help. I have no questions about types.xml file parameters, I am interested in setting spawn frequency. How to influence spawn of new items at points from which items have already been picked up.