All get kicked when going to moon

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  • Same here. Just trying to go to the moon on the starter planet. Crashing as I enter the atmosphere of the moon everytime (tried 4 times). Get booted from server.

    Also I noticed the grass is floating in the air around my base after that patch they did last night. Not sure if its related or not.


  • Are you using Eden reforged? I am and have that issue,

    2 solitions i have found

    - Load any planet/moon you want to go to in single player USING THE SAME SEED, then copy the files from your SP save into the nitrado save. those files are under PLAYFIELD within the save folder. yes this is tedious and annoying because you have to GO TO those places in SP first

    -You can try to go to a planet on your server game, hit the atmposphere and HOLD POSITION at exactly "0m" from the planet and SLOWLY decend to -5m over the course of a few minutes and it should load, I belive the problem is nitrados servers have an issue loading planets when you fly in too quickly for the first time, after that first load it shoudnt be an issue to go a bit faster, but i would never recomend a full burn into a planet

    hope that helps