Two Survivors, One Account, in Cluster

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  • KK, so as I understand it, I cannot have two survivors from the same Xbox account on any one server. I can, however, create a second survivor on the same server as my first survivor, if I use a second Xbox account to create that second survivor.

    However, I have a related question:

    If I have two private servers; one on, say, Ragnarok, and the other on Valguero, which are not linked in a cluster. Let's say I have a survivor on each server belonging to the same Xbox account. The two survivors have the same name and tribe name, and, of course, the same Xbox gamertag.

    What then if I linked those two servers together in a cluster. Would I still be able to have those two survivors on the servers? Or would the linked server detect I have two survivors from one account? What would happen if I used my survivor on Ragnarok and uploaded him via the obelisk to my Valguero server? Then I would have two survivors, same name, same tribe, same Xbox gamertag. Would any complications arise from this?

    Thank you.


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  • Yes you can have two survivors, one on each map. This is how I do it most times. This way I don't risk losing my survivor during transfer. Just make sure they're linked and you have the download options turned on. You can then upload say a bunch of metal or whatever jump on the other server and download it using the other character. Hope this helps.