Need help with server settings please!

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  • Hey all! I recently set up a Nitrado server for the game (NOT an advertisement!) and I am wondering if there's anyone who does have a server on Nitrado that can help with some setting questions. Anything I search for via Google has to do with other providers, and it doesn't seem like things are labeled exactly the same in Nitrado, so I'm having trouble pinpointing certain things.

    The main thing I want to talk about is item spawn. We are trying to up the item multiplier, but I'm not exactly sure what the settings mean. I'll post our current setup at the end of the post for reference. I was wondering which settings are ALL for items, because some things talk about Spawners, then there's a category for Item Virtualization and one for Item Spawning. What the heck is the difference? What is Event Processing? I have too many questions really. So I was wondering if someone would take time to break things down for me? This could be done here or in message, discord, whatever. I just need some help please?

  • Hi there,

    To edit the items spawn you must modify this section of your ServerSettings.ini file:







    ^ ^ Your ExamineSpawnerProbabilityMultiplier and SpawnerProbabilityMultiplier are set way too high btw....

    This is what I have set for my server for increased loot (defaults are 1,1,30,1):






    When posting large amounts of code/settings please use a spoiler section going forward.