MapGroupPos.xml why is this even here?

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  • So Ive been fooling around on my test server trying to edit existing buildings in any way shape or form. I got into the MapGroupPos and located a group of building near me and attempted to delete them all together, replace the building, and also rotate it all in different trials. I guess my question is what good is it? What can we do with it? If nothing why is it even there? To make us feel like we have access or the ability to mod things we can't?:cursing:

  • mapgrouppos isn't the file that tells the server where to spawn buildings. I've also tried removing, editing and adding building there. It's used to tell the server where to spawn loot. It has the centre point of each building and is used along with the mapgroupproto file to mark all the loot spawn points in buildings. Afraid you can remove building from the map (yet).

  • So it really serves the end user nothing at the momment then? I guess I just dont get why it wouldn't be elsewhere like the init file...Instead of there for us to think we can use lol..Thanks for the respoonse tho.