Questions about Empyrion Multiplayer Server Settings

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  • Hi !

    I have some questions about the server settings for Empyrion !

    This is my first server and i'm a beginner !

    This server is just for few friends, it's a way to play together without depending on the player who hosts the game.

    1 - When i play in solo or multiplayer but without server i can use a new core on any "Free" structure

    For example : i found a crash capital vessel i can put a new core to make this vessel mine but on the server i can't do that !

    On my Multiplayer Server, When i try to put the core on any " Free" structure i have a message who said : "Cannot in a regenerateable base"

    any way to change this or not ? if yes could you explain me in details how to do that pls ? ty

    2 - I have a question about blueprints too :

    In my blueprints list i have some blueprints with an error message : see on this screen :


    I don't understand why i have this message on some blueprints !

    on the nitrado website i set my server like this :

    Allowed Blueprints : ALl types Allowed

    Max Allowed Size Class : 0 ( so no limit )

    Activate Max Block Count is not ticked

    What can i do to be able to spawn all blueprints even thoose who have this red message like on the screen .

    Ty for all will try to help and sorry my english is not good !

  • So, unfortunately Nitrado puts a hard limit on the blueprints you are allowed to spawn. Anything from size class, to too many turrets. So no matter what you change in the .yaml file, Nitrado will limit you.

    But as far as your first question is concerned; in both the gameoptions.yaml and gameoptions_example.yaml files you can find the where to change POI Regeneration.