CrossArk - Multiple Saves

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  • Hello,

    I hope somebody here can help me figure this out:

    I am admin of a single private Ark server for a year and we are two players in the tribe. We have various save games across four maps - The Island, Ragnarok, The Center and Crystal Isles and have been going back and forth by uploading our characters, items and creatures to the obelisk, changing the map from A to B, restoring our last backup for B and downloading our characters and then getting our stuff from the Obelisk.

    But we got tired of having to change the map so we got a new server with the intention of clustering.

    Now we have:

    Server 1: Crystal Isles (ClusterID generated, CrossArk enabled)

    Server 2: -blank-

    Savegame Backups: Ragnarok.ark, theisland.ark, thecenter.Ark etc

    We loaded one of our backups to Server 2 (theisland) but when we transfer from Server 1: Crystal Isles to Server 2: TheIsland, we are no longer in our tribe. Our base is there on the map, our tames are there on the map but we are not part of the tribe that owns those things. Our character has no tribe at all.

    I copied the .profile and .tribe files to Server 2 but it's the same problem. When we replace the map on Server 1 with a different map from our backups, there is no problem.

    Is there any way for us to host two of our saves on separate servers with our tribe and profile information intact?