Some Settings Not Be Reflected in Server Restart

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  • Hi

    In my server settings I have allowed cave building, building in resource rich areas, and allowing building parts to clip into terrain.

    Today I decided to test out removing those permissions, so that people can't build in resource rich areas, can't build in caves, and can't allow building parts, such as foundations, to clip into terrain.

    I restarted the server and entered the game with the new settings. Prior to making the new settings I had a stone hut built on the rim of the volcano (Island). When I re-entered the map I was still able to build in a resource rich area, my existing building on the volcano rim was still present (I had expected it to be demolished due to the new setting), existing buildings are still clipped into the terrain, and I am still able to build in caves.

    I shut the server down again and this time waited 15 minutes before restarting the server. The new settings, though still active in the server settings, are still not being reflected on the server.

    Why are the new settings not being reflected in the game?

    Thank you.


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