7D2D internal game saves not showing

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  • Hi all,

    Was wondering if anyone can help out with getting internal game saves to show on server app or where to find them. Fell asleep afk, and lost all my stuff and was trying to roll server back but couldn't find the saves. Also is there any way going forward to get these local saves to work/show up? Any help would be appreciated TY.

  • Hi there,

    can´t find this in the app:

    BUT Nitrado also backups your server (which is maybe more what you wanted), look in the Webinterface (not via the app, use a browser) -> Tools -> Restore Backup

    there you can restore your server files as well as the database.


    prof yak

  • Hey,

    unfortunately not all functions are available in the Nitrado app. Something more specific, for example, restore backup, can only be done via the browser.

    If you have further questions, please contact us. Otherwise I wish you a nice day.