How to remove some Extinction creatures to any ARK map

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  • "How to remove some Extinction creatures to any ARK map" is the topic. (Scout, Enforcer, and Defender)

    You can do this a couple of ways. Well- 3.

    You can use ASM (Ark Server Manager), or the long way, or finding tools out there. Google searching can be amazing.

    This is example is from a tool someone suggested.

    Platform: PC Server

    -will work for Consoles as well.


    Ways in doing so-

    BEFORE you start: BACK UP YOUR SERVER. For PC users, you can do FTP. For consoles you can use "Configuration Profiles" and save your INI settings. PC has access to this as well.

    Make sure your server is stopped for at least 5m. (yes, some folks have reported no need to have server shut down when appling in the Engine Settings. Best if you do- in case).

    (1)- Not using expert settings, the code is inserted in the "Engine Settings" link found in your WebUI. note NOT all ARK items are predefined.

    (2)- If you are using Expert settings make sure you have done a backup of your INI file. Make sure your server is stopped for at least 5m. Put code in, SAVE, then restart.

    (3)- *Pc users can do this either by FTP if they editing the ini file themselves. This is the way I set mine.


    NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="Scout_Character_BP_C", ToClassName="")

    NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="Defender_Character_BP_C", ToClassName="")

    NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="Enforcer_Character_BP_C", ToClassName="")

    place that in your Game.ini under what you see below. (You may want to download this file to your PC if using FTP.): Otherwise use the Engine Settings towards the bottom.


    If using FTP: Then upload file, restart server.

    If Engine Settings, once code is placed, click on SAVE, then restart.

    Want to see where files are since this post does not cover that, visit the Wiki. This will give you the basics where files are located. This is for PC only.



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